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Our Staff

Children thrive when their teachers are deeply interested and committed to them. Our teachers enjoy working with children and parents to create a warm and consistent environment.
Minakshi Patel

Minakshi Patel is a college graduate, and the mother of two high school students. She has worked with Columbia Montessori for several years, and has completed the Montessori Teachers 2-Year Training program. Her passion for working with children, combined with her unique talent of observing kids allows her to prepare and organize learning materials to meet the children's needs. Her teaching method involves putting enormous trust in the developmental abilities of the children. Her focus is on children learning, not on teachers teaching. With a well-prepared learning environment and an atmosphere of learning, Minakshi can tremendously contribute to your child’s development.

Lucia Reyes

Lucia Reyes is a college graduate and has completed Advance Child Care, First Aid and CPR Certification. She loves kids and a very patient person. She like to make children feel comfortable and happy at the same time show them the importance of being responsible and follow the rules. She has years of experience caring children, not only as a job, but as a hobby. Her priority is to provide care for physical and mental health of the kids. She is always following the schedule and act professional. She helps keeping school environment neat, clean and healthy. With her strong fluency in Spanish, she teaches Spanish to the kids. She is a great addition to Creek Home Montessori.

Janaki Patel

Janaki Patel is a high school senior who is CPR/First Aid certified. She is organized, reliable, and driven to support the needs of others. She has experience working with children through volunteering with Special Olympics, attending a part time job at Kumon, and a part time job at her Karate studio. Her management skills will allow for her to schedule and host tours when necessary, and provide another mode of instruction.

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